The Ledger Accounting module gives you an automated audit trail of all your financial transactions.

Equip your finance team with the capability to create, update and maintain nominal account codes - in real-time.

Introducing to you, ENSEK's Ledger Accounting module.

The accounting module enables you to:

  • Work in real time - Your team see all financial transactions across the ENSEK platform captured in real-time and in the most granular detail.
  • Use double-entry accounting - Work with an immutable record of all your transactions, using double-entry accounting principles.
  • Integrate with your ENSEK platform - The Ledger Accounting module fully integrates with your platform, especially Billing, Payments and Customer Management.
  • Auto-allocation rules - Split and aggregate payments and auto-allocation rules.
  • Read from a user-interface - A web app for viewing, configuring, and reporting from the ledger accounts.

And more.